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Pastor Patrick Thompson will lead us through a study on how faith and life blend together based off of Mark 12:28-29. For many of us our faith is something that we focus in on a few times during the week or month, but a true faith is one that is blended throughout all the parts of our lives, even the messy ones. Each week we will focus on a key area of life and hear from other people who are either striving or searching for how to balance faith and life. 

  • Sunday, June 3 - Blended Soul - Created to Create / Genesis 1-2 / Guests: Members of The Hang NYC

  • Sunday, June 10 - Blended Strength - Body and Soul / 2 Corinthians 5 / Guest: Dr. Max Heller

  • Sunday, June 17 - Blended Mind - Science and Theology / Hebrews 11 / Guest: 

  • Sunday, June 24 - Blended Family - Family and Faith / Ephesians 6 / Guests: The Thompson Family
  • Sunday, July 1 - Blended Heart - Patriotism and Pursuit / Romans 13 / Guests; Michael Myers and Kay Bellor