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The Bible is best experienced in community. Each week we gather in different locations around the city to discuss the sermon from the previous Sunday. These groups provide an opportunity to ask questions, receive support and prayer, and find personal connections with others in our faith family. We believe that every active member of our family should be experiencing community in a group!

Weekly meetings of 8-10 people to connect in a biblical community.

DISCUSSION BASED / Because we believe that it is better to ask questions that give answers we desire to create a safe environment for people to ask questions about God, Jesus and the Bible. We value people at varying stages of their spiritual journey talking about spiritual topics. No question is off limits.

BIBLICALLY CENTERED / Because we believe that the Bible is the revealed character and nature of God that has been demonstrated to man our discussions always start from a Biblical perspective. We take a look at how truths of scripture relate to our lives in a modern context with specific application.

RELATIONSHIP FOCUSED / Because we believe that both spiritual and personal growth happens best through relationships our hope is that through these groups you will develop deeper relationships with other group members. These relationships help provide support, camaraderie and accountability as we live our daily lives.